About the Instructor

I have been dancing my whole life and teaching ballroom/latin dancing for over ten years. I am certified and trained by Arthur Murray in the US and have experience teaching children, teenagers and adults of all levels.  I have been involved in teacher/student competitions, performed at all kinds of events and won several teaching awards. My background is in American Ballroom and Latin which is geared more towards normal people dancing at social events as opposed to International Ballroom and Latin which is based on preparing people for competitions.  See the FAQ page for the dances I teach.

I believe in making people look and feel good on the dance floor without getting overly hung up on technique or rules. I specialize in simplifying what is needed for each style of dance to look and feel natural. 

I love teaching huge groups, hen parties, at weddings, birthday parties and other special events.  Although I have had many talented students, I particularly enjoy working with people who’ve never danced before or who have struggled in the past. I enjoy finding a way to take ANYBODY and help them to learn quickly and easily.