Tannith, I just want to thank you for the lesson today! It was so well paced and you were so good with us! We both thoroughly enjoyed our time and I have to say the confidence in Jonathan’s dancing improved so much in just your one lesson. We look forward to more learning and dancing. Thank you again. You are a wonderful dance teacher!! 

Kaylie and Jonathan

Tannith is a wonderful dancing teacher. She has a clear understanding of what it takes to make you a better dancer, and she communicates that well to her students. Tannith teaches dancing with good humour, intelligence and patience. She taught me Salsa, something I had nearly given up on learning. Her students can’t help but improve! 


My fiancé and I decided to take dance lessons with the hope of not looking like fools as we dance in front of family and friends at our wedding.  Neither my fiancé nor I had any idea what to expect out of dance lessons. Tannith’s combination of talent, patients, and complete professionalism makes her the perfect teacher for anyone looking to learn dance. She was able to take a couple that had never danced before, and I mean never, and turn us into dance machines. In just 7 lessons we learned the basics of swing, rumba, and the waltz. Tannith’s style of teaching and joyful personality made learning these dances fun and rewarding! Both my fiancé are coming out of our lessons feeling ready and confident to dance in front of not only our loved ones, but anyone. 

Eric and Marianne

From the first meeting with Tannith, we got on so well and have been taking part in private one to one dance lessons on a weekly basis ever since.  Tannith is full of fun, but more importantly, has great knowledge in her field and has the patience of a saint when you just can’t get something nailed!  We have so thoroughly enjoyed our experience, that we will be continuing in our lessons with Tannith after our wedding has been and gone.  We cannot wait to see the end result on our wedding day and Tannith will proudly be there to see it all happen also!!!

Clair and Kevin

I’m in my late fifty’s and was petrified to dance, however not anymore. I was fortunate to spend roughly six months of taking dance lessons with Tannith and she changed my life. I can handle my own on the salsa floor as well as cha cha, rumba and east coast swing. Her teaching style has given me the courage to ask any lady to dance, regardless of her skill or age. Since Tannith has moved to England I have taken lessons from many instructors and none have equaled her for teaching and enthusiasm. So, if want to experience the quickest hour of your day, take a lesson from Tannith.

Michael N

As a typical British guy, I would generally require several units of alcohol before I could muster the courage to get on the dance floor. Taking salsa lessons with Tannith was great as she immediately made me feel at ease and before i knew it I was dancing to a basic Salsa rhythm. As well as being a great teacher in terms of technique and passion, she also has a good sense of humour so you can’t fail but to enjoy yourself. As a beginner I’ve been to several classes in Bristol but would recommend Tanith’s to anyone especially if your just starting out as she makes everyone feel welcome!    


Tannith is brilliant. She is young, vibrant, enthusiastic and knowledgable. She encourages you every step of the way and makes learning an enjoyable experience. She constantly reviews your progress and ensures you get what you want out of the sessions. I never knew my husbands hips could move until Tannith worked her magic on him. Our waltz has come on leaps and bounds since attending her lessons, I actually feel like I am dancing now rather than going through the motions. I would definitely recommend her to improve the technique of experienced dancers.

Carol G